Welcome to our company

The company’s owner have more than 30 years combined experience in the insurance industry, including having worked, for one of the nation’s leading insurance carriers in Property and Casualty units servicing catastrophe, foundation, mold, water, fire and various other types of claims.
Chihuahtha Compton began her career in the insurance industry more than 15 years ago. She worked as a Catastrophe Claims Manager, Mold Coordinator, Claims Training and Development Coordinator, and TWIA (windstorm) Coordinator. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Southwest Texas State University and has completed her Associates in Claims Designation along with several parts of CPCU.

Keith Bruce began his career as a staff adjuster more than 15 years ago. He handled third party casualty and property claims. In addition, he was responsible for screening, training, and hiring independent adjusters. Keith has completed both the NFIP (flood) Certification and the Wind/Hail Certification. He holds a BS degree in Computer Science from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

PCG ensures that its team members undergo continuous training in their field, staying updated and informed on changing trends, conditions, and laws that impact the industry.
PCG understands the importance of delivering exceptional customer service. The PCG Team continuously strives to exceed its customers’ expectations by providing prompt and accurate services, maintaining open lines of communication, and building rapport with its customers.
With excellence as its standard, PCG is committed to handling each project efficiently, expediently, and effectively with the utmost professionalism.
The PCG Team is a mobile workforce that is prepared to travel anywhere at a moment’s notice. Equipped with the latest communication devices, the professionals at PCG are readily accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.The company has the resources available to effectively communicate in all languages.
With the diverse talents, high standards of professionalism, and proven experience assembled at PCG, the company can be relied upon to deliver quality service stamped with a seal of excellence.