Prime Consulting Group, LLC. is comprised of experienced and professional adjusters who handle both property (home, auto, commercial, inland marine, etc.) and casualty claims. PCG’s adjusters are strong estimators who are equipped with the most advanced estimating technology. PCG’s adjusters are also excellent communicators and adept policy interpreters.


Prime Consulting Group, LLC. has adjusters strategically positioned to handle day to day property / casualty claims that arise in claim operations.  The PCG team is committed to high levels of efficiency throughout the claim handling process.


Prime Consulting Group, LLC. maintains a quick-response team of adjusters who remain on stand by, in the event of a catastrophe.  PCG’s catastrophe team has valued experience in handling the various types of catastrophes (i.e.  flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, hail, etc.).  PCG’s catastrophe adjusters are trained to handle a large volume of claims with unrivaled efficiency and effectiveness.


PCG University offers customized insurance training to both insurance adjusters and carriers as it pertains to the handling of property and casualty claims.


Prime Consulting Group, LLC. has impartial experts, who are capable of determining the value of property or the extent of damage to property.  PCG will provide itemized estimates which are based on the average cost of repairs for items of like kind and quality.  These estimates will be based on averages in the area or market of the property.  PCG offers its expertise to insurance carriers to act as their representative throughout the Appraisal process.


Prime Consulting Group, LLC. conducts thorough investigations into each loss in an effort to determine whether a third  party is responsible for a loss.  PCG provides reports which outline the cause of loss and an evaluation detailing the responsible third party, if applicable.


Prime Consulting Group, LLC. provides a comprehensive valuation report for an insured risk, which enables our clients to determine whether a property is insured-to-value.  PCG’s reports also detail hazards, degree of maintenance, as well as the various types of upgrades at a risk.  PCG provides its clients with relevant information to determine the insurability of a risk.  


The staff at Prime Consulting Group, LLC. has the experience, expertise and resources to advise its clients regarding the most effective and efficient claim handling process, estimatics issues, insurance policy interpretation and governmental guidelines.

Mission Statement

To provide prompt, accurate, professional, customer-focused insurance adjusting services that are tailored to meet the needs of our customers.